certified partners of the BnR Vital Group

The certified partner is only allowed to provide assistance in achieving a physical or energetic balance, by means of various methods

see WKO method catalog (human energetics). In different countries there are different laws - these must be observed!

The trained partners are certified according to the experience values of the BnR Vital Group. The certified partners are self-employed, each of them is responsible for recommendations and activities.

N.M.T Coaches

Winkler Peter

+43 664 4409330

Winkler Bianca

+43 676 5248994


Haberschreck Michael

+43 660 4045700


Marczenko Marek

+48 607 111107

Certified partner

Farmer Markus

Blaschka Robert Dr.

Derler Christiana

Flicker Barbara

Geenen Andrea van

Haberschreck Michael

Haberschreck Eva

Haberschreck Renate

Haberschreck Franz

Hajek Renate Dr.

Heuft Andreas

Hochhold Erna

Kirchner Hilmar

Climate Karlheinz

Klöckl Lisa

Krämer Michael

Delicious Ernestine

Niemenkari Minna

Ruis Stefan

Sindlinder Jürgen

Stöckbauer Roswitha

Schwaiger Claudia

Tantscher Christine

Certified Partner Poland

Marek Marczenko