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n.m.t "the trend reversal

For more strength and vitality for everyday life

We have made it our business to create an overall concept, that will help you achieve your fitness goal.

The secret of success lies in our network, and the success of the customer

The accompaniment and support of clients can last up to 9 months.
This is also the period of time needed to get out of one's own problem
. By developing an independent thinking (Thinking),
one can recognize facts and is thus no longer subject to manipulation.

Many people bring this independent thinking, especially the so-called alpha people who are already successful. This target group is looking for ways to improve fitness. It often manages the implementation and achievement of their goals faster.

The BnR-Vital-Group works in the context of medicine

- The BnR-Vital-Group does not make any diagnostics, this may and should only be done by the doctor.
- After about 4 months, the first successes usually appear, here please go to the doctor for a check.
- IMPORTANT: All recommendations are experiences, each participant is personally responsible. ev. or if necessary absolutely medically accompany let.
- Seriousness is the building block of the BnR-Vital-Group
- Our assistance are usual admitted possibilities, see WKO- catalog!

Our trainings are not medical lectures. The advice is not intended to cure, reduce the intensity of, diagnose or prevent any disease. The training has not been notified by any medical university or authority and is not subject to medical evaluation under the directive.... MDD/MDR (to be determined). The information provided in the training is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered equivalent to professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, as such advice is provided by medically trained individuals and physicians. The information given is not a promise of therapeutic results, but should be understood as experiences, goals, statements leading to a lecture.

LavaVitae LavaPure

A med. natural product
Here BnR-Vital-Group offers LavaVitae LavaPure for you. This is a natural medical product for detoxification and cell nourishment.
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Face Body Analysis

If you're not in work-life balance, you can see it very well in the tension.
Online via Zoom meeting
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Biofeed- back

This is done by the trained expert or therapist with an appointment.
Very interesting, through years of experience and positive lifestyle changes, you more easily regain your fitness.
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Bioimpedance analysis

Only possible by appointment.
Again, in a few months you have seen a very good positive change in most people, who in turn have changed their lifestyle in a positive way.
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n.m.t- consulting

Nutrition, Movement, Thinking with appointment- agreement
This advice is customized to your lifestyle.
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New method of the Human energetics "Assistance in achieving a physical or energetic balance".
BoThink is an energy work with special breathing technique, created after 12 years of development. This technique BoThink is also trained further.

Follow-up of the LavaVitae partners

In fact, that is my main task. To guide over 3500 partners through the LavaVitae CAMPUS.
Here we accompany you to success. Argumentation mastery is in the foreground here, so that you can seriously show people the way without pressure.
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The BnR Vital Group consists of specialists.
Every single one of them wants the optimum.
And this is exactly what we pass on to you,
in the area of:
- detoxification and nutrient supply
- room harmonization,
- water revitalization
- mental training
- and proper movement.

This all sounds simple, but in reality it is very complex.
Thanks to the n.m.t system, it has become child's play to implement all this.

e.g.: Many athletes, professional athletes have too many injuries and abrasions, spine problems, joint problems, mental weaknesses, etc...
The BnR-Vital-Group has already accompanied 3 top athletes to the top with its concept.
The BnR-Vital-Group works independently and always tries to offer the best solutions that are backed up with facts.

Peter Anton Winkler

Andullation Therapist

I now have 30 years of experience in concept development for sports and fitness. The BnR team also developed energetic balancing exercises, or mediation techniques that anyone can learn. It is important to understand that no exercise is able to replace malnutrition, wrong movement, wrong thinking.

With optimal nutrition with the daily supplement of the missing minerals and additional energy work in combination with mental training and proper exercise, people can soon feel better.
Many people have sleep problems, there we also offer solutions that are unique. Here would be very much to consider, for example: temperature, humidity, carpets, insect plugs, colors, etc...
Only success counts, that could make us unique.

We pass that on to people. With fun and lightness, you can create happiness even from your discontent.

Peter and Bianca Winkler

Pre-registration possible with Bianca Winkler: +43 676/5248994


Lisa Kloeckl

"Alone we are strong, together we are stronger".

Together we have a task, pursue our goals and support each other until success. A new life has begun for me and I am happy about it every single day.                             

Eva Haberschreck

As part of the BnR team, I can learn from experts in a wide range of fields and experiences of each team member. This allows me to develop both thematically and personally and also to share the knowledge I gain with other people.

Stefan Ruis

I met BnR Vital Group 5 years ago and I am very grateful because it changed my life for the better. I have built a new environment for myself and clearly defined my goals. Now I'm really getting started. 



Peter Winkler received the Cross of Merit "Meritus Sanct Sepucri" with certificate on June 27, 2017.

The chance for a better lifestyle

30 years experience


For over 30 years I have experience with body-face analysis. Analysis is made only via zoom link. Any tension allows to draw conclusions about internal spasms.

In addition, you can see an incredible amount from the posture, standing and light walking. The forehead and palm temperature are also relevant.

Since I developed concepts and have an enormous wealth of experience, I make recommendations. Important are the first 10 days after the initial appointment, then a 2e analysis is performed. Here one notices, with adherence to my recommendations already with many humans a calmer and friendly radiant emittance, often the eyes begin again to shine...

I also look at it a little spiritually:


We are spiritual beings. 

But what does spirituality really mean? How can I "apply" spirituality correctly? Spirituality should not be an escape, but a way to build your life stable. Every person can open up to it. I show you basic exercises and give you basic knowledge so that you can benefit from it in your life. I use 3 different techniques.

Regardless of your choice of coaching, care is taken during the process to ensure that the best method is always applied in a client-oriented manner. I offer a biofeedback measurement at the beginning of each coaching session. The psyche and the body can never be treated separately. That is why my concept for success is the "NMT". I will always incorporate all areas, but the topic chosen determines where the focus is. I don't fight symptoms - I start at the source. 

I learned how to use biofeedback measurement during my training to become an Andullation Therapist (a training to accompany chronically ill people).

I have been making recordings with a Clue meter since 2008, so I have huge experience.

Here, too, the same principle is always applied.

  1. One shot gets you a ready analysis.
  2. I create a concept and make a 2e analysis after 1-2 weeks.

Since it is always the same mistakes that people make with their life style, it is again easy to achieve change here if the concept is followed.

It is certainly one of the best fitness checks to achieve your optimal WORK-LIFE BALANCE to achieve.

  • calculates the activities in the autonomic nervous system;
  • shows the current stress level;
  • is simple, like taking a fever;
  • warns of burnout and anxiety disorders;
  • improves the quality of life.


What are the advantages clue compared to a pulse watch?

clue offers you both a measurement of heart rate variability ("heart fitness"), and personal stress level (autonomic nervous system activity) and displays this graphically, and suitable for private applications.

Clue Balance technology is the perfect companion for health-conscious people who strive for an optimal work-life balance, supporting?

  • health conscious people
  • Sportsman
  • People who have already had a burnout
  • People with increased risk of burnout
  • Individuals with mental illnesses such as depression, panic attacks,...
  • People with kidney and thyroid diseases
  • Diabetics
  • Life, health and stress coaches

This recording is only possible by experts in the Seiersberg office. The recording takes place in an area that has been harmonized against earth radiation. After the first recording, an energetic balancing is carried out and a concept is created. This recording is taken home.

The goal is to achieve a better result after about 4 months.

Here we use Tanita technology: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)


Why TANITA bioelectrical impedance analysis technology is the most accurate?


Highest precision and clinical accuracy.

The original prediction equations used in the TANITA software were developed by world-renowned body composition expert, Professor Steven Heymsfield, and his research team at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, Columbia University, New York. Extensive independent research has proven that accurate prediction of a person's body composition can only be determined when a number of parameters are included in an algorithm, such as gender, age, height and weight.

Appreciated by experts for clinical excellence.

TANITA BIA technology has been validated more extensively than any other company against alternative body composition techniques, and the results have been published in international medical journals. In addition, TANITA monitors have been used in hundreds of independent research studies worldwide. TANITA is considered the gold standard in BIA technology by the scientific community, and the TANITA Medical Advisory Board ensures that TANITA remains at the forefront of scientific advancement.

Groundbreaking advances in research.

TANITA continually invests in numerous research projects focused on improving the understanding of important health and fitness issues, including areas such as childhood obesity, optimizing physical performance and sarcopenia in the elderly. Our goal is to work with experts to develop tools and technologies that will help all health and sports professionals provide the best possible services and help people live healthier lives.

Repeatability of measurements due to precision weighing.

Precise weight measurements are essential for calculating accurate body composition measurements. TANITA is proud to manufacture highly accurate weighing mechanisms for both home and professional models. All of TANITA's medically approved professional monitors have been awarded NAWI certification as well as MDD Class IIa, FDA and CE approval to ensure the highest standards are met.

Sound quality due to robust construction.

TANITA has grown through continuous product innovation and a commitment to maintaining the highest manufacturing quality standards. The company operates award-winning manufacturing facilities in Japan and China and all TANITA medical products meet strict international quality standards and are independently quality controlled.

This is also done only by spec. experts.

Also possible via zoom meeting:

See my wife's link:

We create your concept with experts: Whether vegan or different, we make your lifestyle transparent with facts.


Fit and slim with schnitzel and milk chocolate?

by Peter Winkler @ BnR -Vital - Group

After years of research with over 30 professionals, we have incredible success with our unique diet. "Fit and slim with schnitzel and chocolate." - Can a diet be that simple?

There are a few laws in nutrition. TCM has taught many of them for thousands of years. Since these laws have been forgotten in modern times, we have summarized the key points and developed a revolutionary concept. I can promise you one thing, it is a diet that tastes good and is fun (even with schnitzel and chocolate). We will be with you throughout your transformation process. 

With 2 measurement techniques - a biofeedback measurement and a bioimpedance analysis, we see where you stand, and already with the first follow-up measurement we can optimally follow your progress with the NMT diet. If you are ready to break away from known nutrition concepts and are open to new, efficient approaches, you are exactly right with us.

At the first appointment you have the extraordinary opportunity to meet Peter Winkler, the founder of the BnR Vital Group. He and I will be available to you together. Peter Winkler is the developer of the NMT concept and therefore also one of my trainers.

Movement coaching

Aerobic (oxygen-dependent) endurance training in particular should be integrated into everyone's life because it is an effective health-maintaining cardiovascular workout. Coordination, flexibility, strength, speed and responsiveness are also key motor skills that are relevant to health. But it takes a significant time commitment to be properly fit in all areas. If you are limited in time or motivation, you should at least do an aerobic endurance session on a regular basis, simply because it is a health-preserving cardiovascular workout.

We have created a simple and effective concept of movement. The basic exercises are important, which should be done in the morning to mobilize the spine and prepare the body for the day. The exercises do not take long, but they are essential. Breathing also plays an important role.

Proper and healthy exercise already starts here:

- proper walking

- proper running

- correct sitting

- proper standing

This forms the BASIS for our MOVEMENT.

Other important aspects:

How do I move correctly? How long do I train for? How do I organize the breaks? How intensively do I train? How do I breathe? How do I eat? How do I think during exercise?

Together with the running instructor Markus Bauer and former martial artist Peter Winkler, we have developed the optimal movement concept for you. It is primarily about prevention with movement and sport. Therefore it is suitable for everyone. During a consultation we will discuss you and your prerequisites in order to ensure that you can implement the exercises. A healthy body and a healthy mind - to achieve this synergy is our goal.

45 min. free of charge, usually at the Seiersberg office, or via Zoom meeting.

IT is important to become aware of what you do not implement properly every day. Over 80% of people are aware of this since 2007 and want to change your lifestyle, but do not manage it. That is why I founded the BnR Vital Group with many experts.

This is where you're supposed to ask real questions.

You will almost always be shown facts that will answer your unanswered questions and ease your fears.

Enclosed is just a small thought example of your questions:

Here, the code of trust always comes first:

The trust of our customers is important to us.

Therefore, only natural products are recommended.

We always acquire the current KNOWLEDGE.

Help you let go of old habits.

Give you the optimal aftercare.

This way you will always be informed about all news.

In this free consultation, you will be told almost solely through facts, research and experience that it is possible to create a new lifestyle for your Work - Life - Balance

Wherever you are in your life right now, you have a chance to make a difference. 

What does coaching help me with:

- Recognizing thought patterns

- Letting go of old habits

- Establish new behavior patterns

- Handling your emotions

- Find your vision if you don't already have it

- Plan target achievement

- Learn relaxation techniques



Stress - each of us knows it. There are many exercises that can help us deal with stress better.

What's stressing you out?

How do you deal with stress?

Where do you perceive stress the most? 

What would you like to change?

If these questions keep you going, then it's time to tackle the issue.



Are you often exhausted?

Does the thought of going into work in the morning oppress you?

Can you no longer see the meaning in what you are doing?

Do you want to withdraw more and more?

Do you find it hard to relax?

If you answered "yes" to some of these questions, I would be happy to help you bring your life back into balance. I can give you good tips, accompany you, but you have to implement it yourself.

If you are interested, please contact me directly.

I manage a team of over 3500 partners.

I have experience since 2005 Network, so we make fortnightly expert meeting for all questions, which we then also discuss together, or support with facts

My motto:

Success for me is friendship and a friendship should be built on trust and should never hurt.